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Our summers here in the Versailles, KY area can get stifling, and with humidity on top of soaring temperatures the only way to stay cool is with a properly working air conditioning system. But, sometimes AC systems experience breakdowns or don't run as well as they used to. If you are experiencing problems with your central air conditioning at home or at your business here in Versailles, you can call us day or night for repair.

Semones Heating and Air Conditioning has been a family owned and operated HVAC contractor here in Versailles for over 40 years.

That kind of experience in the cooling and heating industry makes us experts at repair, maintenance and installation for a variety of systems. Our expert technicians get solve your AC repair issue regardless of brand or model, and can perform seasonal maintenance that will have your AC running smoothly all year long. Call Semones today for expert AC repair or maintenance in Versailles.

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Have An AC Problem in Versailles?

When summer first hits, and we get the first very high temperatures of the year we usually always get a few AC repair service calls that turn out to be problems which could have been solved by a simple fix. Something like a battery replacement or circuit breaker switch flip. If you want to possibly save some time and money the next time your AC is experiencing problems there are a few things you can check on your system at home:

  • Got power? When attempting cooling in the heat of summer, check the power supply for no indication of light or heat. Confirm that the circuit breaker is turned on and that the fuse is working. Finally, check the outdoor unit to ensure power to it is on.
  • Thermostat Settings and Battery: During the beginning of seasonal transitions sometimes you want cooling, however if your HVAC is still in heat mode, cooling will not begin. Check to ensure that the setting for the system is on auto, or the cooling mode and that the desired temperature is below current room temperature. If your thermostat has disposable batteries, change them now if you have not done so recently.
  • Air Filters: A dirty filter can cause problems. Check your AC air filters. If they are disposable simply replace them. If they are serviceable, clean them if they are anything less than sparkling.
  • Check Your Air Distribution System: Make sure that the majority, if not all, of your system grills and registers are open without obstructions.

After checking these items on your AC system, if your AC is still having the same problems as before then give us a call right away. There are numerous things that could be the root of the system problem, and we won't be able to know exactly what until we get out there to diagnose your issue.

The good news is we offer 24/7 emergency AC repair for our commercial and residential customers here in Versailles, so no matter when you experience a breakdown with your AC you can call us to help. We will be able to dispatch a technician right away to help diagnose, and repair your central AC issue.

Semones is your local AC repair expert - call today to schedule your service.

AC Maintenance - Keep Your AC Happy

The key to a long lasting, well working AC system is to get regular and professional maintenance done each year. Regular maintenance and tune-up checks will keep your system fresh, running well, and will make large repairs down the road less common. Our team at Semones Heating & Air Conditioning are the AC maintenance experts you need to call to get your seasonal tune-up done right.

We've been doing this a long time, over 40 years, with that kind of experience you are in good hands here in Versailles. We offer maintenance tune-up checks for all makes and models, regardless of brand. The exact steps our maintenance technician will take for tuning up your AC system will vary slightly by system age and condition. If you've never had a system tune up done it will likely be more extensive then if you've had regular AC maintenance done before. Call us today to get your residential or commercial AC maintenance check scheduled with Semones Heating & Air Conditioning.

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